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Fried Avocado cups with panko bread crumbs stuffed with homemade Pico de Gallo

OMG are you kidding me with this……..WOW what a treat

For 4 people
2 avocados
1 cup Panko Bread Crumbs
1/2 cup Milk

Pico de Gallo:
4 tomatoes chopped into small pieces
4 garlic cloves chopped into pieces
handful of cilantro chopped fine
1/2 yellow onion finely chopped
Juice of 3 limes
salt and pepper

To start,
Take all the ingredients of Pico de Gallo and mix together. Set aside

Cut avocados in 1/2 and take out pit. Carefully take a small knife and peel away skin and scoop out avocado so it looks like a little bowl

Heat skillet on high with 3 tablespoons of olive oil for about 3 minutes. Take avocados and dip in milk and then dip in Panko Bread Crumbs to cover them completely. Pan fry each avocado so that they get a light crispy brown color on each side (about 2 minutes on each side)
Take avocados out of pan, place on individual plates, fill them up with Pico de Gallo. Put a little dollop of sour cream on top with a couple drops of hot sauce and ENJOY!


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