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Dave’s Thrown together Hot and Sour Soup

OMG….My partner Tom had a major head cold and my remedy for this is always hot and sour soup. SO, I looked up recipes online and realized I hardly had any of the ingredients. As usual, I came up with my own version

6 Cups Chicken Broth. (I took 6 chicken bouillon cubes and put them in 6 cups of water)
1/2 cup of white vinegar. Rice wine vinegar is the best but all I had was plain old white vinegar…WHICH WORKS
Generous pinch of red pepper flakes. I used cayenne pepper because that is all I had
4 tablespoons of soy sauce
1 cup of chopped up green onions (Scallions)
1 tablespoon of fresh ginger but all I had was ground ginger so I used a tablespoon of that.
A few shakes of hot sauce (I did 6 or 7) 🙂

WOW. Throw it all in a pot and let is simmer for 1/2 hour. I could not stop tasting it, it was so incredible I almost tried too much of it before dinner.


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